John le Carré – A rememberance – Episode 3

Just after the passing away of John le Carré in December 2020, I spoke with Matthew Bradford of about le Carrê’s impact on espionage fiction.

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2 responses to “John le Carré – A rememberance – Episode 3”

  1. Steven Ritterman Avatar
    Steven Ritterman

    Very much enjoyed your comments….loved the Venn diagram discussion between JLC’s literary output and his best-seller status….hadn’t given that much thought but you’re entirely on-point…..also, the mention of Matthew and Clarissa no longer having a ‘favorite living author’ got me thinking as to how I’d answer the question….the two that bubble to the top would both be non-espionage related….Don Winslow and Amor Towles…again, great discussion, thanks for posting…….SR

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    1. Thanks for listening and glad you enjoyed our discussion. All credit to Matthew. He brings the thoughtful discussion, I provide the venue!


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