Call for the Dead by John le Carré Explored Part 1 – Episode 5

In Part One of this deep dive into Call for the Dead I welcome guest Bee to discuss John le Carré’s first novel. In this provocative conversation we get plenty of hot takes on the novel from someone who has done a very close reading of all of le Carré’s work, but especially Call for the Dead.

We discuss how Smiley is different in this first novel from later books, le Carré’s portrayal of Jewish characters and George and Ann’s relationship.

Plus Steed-Asprey’s terrible gift giving, whether Call for the Dead is a good title and le Carré’s worst line. All that and much more in this very fun episode.

Bee’s twitter – @holodeckfreud

More than you ever wanted to know about Dresden Porcelain here.

Jeff’s site –

Jeff’s twitter – @spywrite

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