Secret and Beyond – John le Carré’s battle with book titles

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We are back with a look at some of John le Carré’s unused book titles. These have been gathered from Adam Sisman’s biography, John le Carré: A Life, as well as a few from A Private Spy: The letters of John le Carré.

For more on spy book titles, listen to this episode of Spybrary where I speak with author Jeremy Duns on the difficulty of picking a book title – Title Fight! The good, the bad and the ugly of spy book titles.

See the list below –

A Clear Case of Suicide

The Carcass of the Lion

The Two-Stroke Lover

All My Life I Have Been Terrified of Ridicule

The Love Thief

The Death of Christopher Robin

The Reluctant Autumn of George Smiley

Operation Limberlost

The Twelfth Direction

The Pigeon Tunnel

The London Occasional

A Spy for Reasons of Politeness

The Giant Hunter

The Twice-Promised Girl

The Piper and the Tune

The Cage on the Roof

The Girl on the Casino Roof

Taking One All the Way Through

The Burn Box

A Man with Two Houses

A Spy with Excellent Manners

Plain Tales from the Circus

The Interrogators’ Poll

The Case Officer

The Silent Pilgrim

A Woman of Cairo

The Junior Leader

The Unknown Soldier

The Underground Soldier

The Last Clean Englishman

The Camel’s Nose

The Passion of his Time

The Road to Honeybrook Farm

A Man of the Caucasus

The Free Servant

The Siege of Heidelberg

Sasha’s Virtue

The Stay-Behind Man

Secret and Beyond

The Angry Gardener 

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